[Lab] Use of laser engraver for personal project

Joseph Michael Sleiman jslei033 at uottawa.ca
Mon Sep 16 21:48:41 EDT 2013


I'm a student at uOttawa, and I need to do some engraving onto acrylic for
a personal hardware project. I'm told that you guys have a laser cutter and
might be able to help me out? I can't find anyone else in town who will do
it for a reasonable cost (the few I found want hundreds of dollars).

Would I be able to come to the meeting on Wednesday evening and discuss it
with whoever runs the group? Can I use the engraver with assistance from
someone who's used it before? What would it cost me?

I'm trying to do an edge-lit display for a friend's birthday present, and
would really appreciate the help with the engraving process. I am a
computer science student, and would be more than happy to give a demo of
the project when it's complete (or of another project/technology I've
worked on/with). I'm just trying to avoid a massively high one-off cost,
because I need to engrave about 50~60 characters but not more than that...

Thank you,
Joseph M. Sleiman
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