[Lab] Mebotics 3D printer + cnc milling

Darcy Whyte darcy at siteware.com
Mon Sep 16 10:33:34 EDT 2013

A dust cover is super cool.

One thing to think about is that milling and 3d printing are often
different formats. 3d printing is a bit slow so it's popular to have small
format machines. But lots of people use cnc cutters for larger format
stuff. Also it looks a little light weight for cnc cutting... The usual
tradeoff you're looking at with a cnc cutter is rigidity vs. size. At the
same price level you compromise one or the other. Personally I went with a
slightly less rigid machine to get a larger cutting format. Which worked
out really well (as people know I'm in love with hardboard). My machine
cuts aluminum too although i've not practiced much. I have a huge store of
aluminum for when that comes forward. If I needed a more rigid machine, I'd
likely buy a smaller format to keep price down.

And you have to wonder if carrying the cutter around is going to make the
3d printing slow..

Everyone has different requirements but I wouldn't be surprised if there
are people this could work for. And sometimes people buy something not
knowing what their going to make. Then they just design for stuff that fits
with whatever machines they have..

It's a smaller format cutter with lower rigidity. And a larger format 3d
printer with slower speed (3d printer experts may want to correct me on
that one).

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> Nice machine. Seems expensive though, is $4500 a good price for something
> like this?
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>> http://www.mebotics.com/microfactory.html
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