[Lab] LED / eTextiles

Henri Kuschkowitz henri.kuschkowitz at gmail.com
Wed Sep 11 11:19:22 EDT 2013

I'd definitely be interested in seeing it. When are you planning to stop by?

On 2013-09-11, at 11:15 AM, The Big Plan - Chris B <tbp at ghostwise.com> wrote:

> Are any LED or eTextiles enthusiasts coming out to the ModLab in the next two weeks?
> I'll be playing at Nuit Blanche this year with my mobile sound and light system. After busking
> with it throughout the summer, my LED lights have taken a lot of wear and tear. Hoping to
> do some maintenance on them at ModLab.
> Also ordered some eTextile gear last night. I'm not sure it will arrive in time but I'd like to make
> hand warmers to use during the night. Does anyone have experience with LilyPad and
> conductive cloth?
> See you soon!
> Chris
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