[Lab] Envirolaser Teams with Voxel Factory to bring PLA & ABS Filament to National Capital Region

Stephen Burke steve at envirolaser.com
Tue Sep 3 14:55:02 EDT 2013

BlankHello everyone!

François and myself have had a series of discussions over the summer.  He
mentioned that he was considering an Ottawa location and I told him that
Envirolaser was interested in supplying filament to the local poplulation.

We have come to an arrangement where Envirolaser will sell Voxel Factory
filament (and other items) at the same prices that François would in

Of course, I will need to know what people want/need so that I can put
together our first HUGE order with François. We intend to be a stocking
dealer, so that we can provide next day delivery (or same day pickup)

The sooner people respond, the sooner I can get the order placed.  We hope
to have stock here by the 3rd week of September.

Contact me directly at steve at envirolaser.com.

  Stephen Burke
      Account Executive
      Envirolaser Technologies

      613-225-4726 (
      613-619-1013 È
      613-225-8156 7
      steve at envirolaser.com 8

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