[Lab] e-Textiles - heated hand warmers / mittens - gear to beat winter

Bucko bucko at buckoart.com
Mon Oct 21 17:04:27 EDT 2013

Hi Modlabbers,

Is there anyone with experience working with e-Textiles?

I would like to create some custom hand warmers for my hands. My hands  
are severely contracted so it is always
difficult to put mittens on and they often get cold anyway due to poor  

Recently, I bought some heat pads from Sparkfun along with a LilyPad  
and temperature sensors. My dream would
be to have my stylus stick out of the hand warmer so I can still use  
my iPhone and be able to control heated clothing
with the iPhone.

I realize I still need another component to bridge communication  
between the LilyPad and iPhone. The first step is
to create some custom clothing with the heat pads installed for manual  
use. The hands are my first priority but heating
other parts of my body would also be helpful.

I will pay for all material costs and would be willing to pay a  
commission as well for the making of such e-Textile

If this sounds like a project that interests you please be in touch!


Bucko (Chris)

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