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Laura Gallardo Escalona oslearningcrowdmap at gmail.com
Thu May 9 11:13:18 EDT 2013

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Dear Sir,

My name is Laura Gallardo. I am a Spanish student in the Master
"Communication and education in the network: from the information society
to the knowledge
Spain). <http://portal.uned.es/portal/page?_pageid=93,1&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL>I'm
interested in researching issues related to learning and digital

At present, I'm doing my final research project for the masters (BA), which
I entitled *"Open Social Learning Crowdmap. Building alternative ways...*",
which aims to study the potential of geolocation applications of mobile
devices for the construction of an environment Crowdmap. To do this, we
have considered the Ushahidi platform Crowdmap as the right tool to be able
to geolocate the object of study, in this case, the spaces for action and
entities (Public Private Partnerships, PPP), that use digital technology as
a resource to offer LEARNING (focusing on the learner) that is SOCIAL
(co-creation and collective use of knowledge) and OPEN (based on the
reusability of the learning object): living labs, citilabs, hacklabs, fab
labs and World Wide labs.

These new organizations, "labs", like yours , co-create, collaborate, build
alternative roads every day to achieve real change in the way we learn,
innovate, work, live, enjoy ... it is very important for my research that
you Geolocate in Crowdmap, by completing the attached form, which will take
just a few minutes. It can include any type of information (text, image,
video), that you deem appropriate and are interested in broadcasting.

The result would be a Crowdmap with instant updates through the information
generated by the actors, which would enhance the visualization,
dissemination, communication and interaction between groups and
individuals, with common interests. In addition, OSL Crowdmap could be an
ideal mechanism for the dissemination of knowledge, both for those who
don’tknow the subject and those who are already involved in it. It
also allows
visualization of social change and open innovation processes and learning,
which you are working in every day.

You can make a *REPORT *from your smartphone, blackberry, tablet or PC… It
only takes a few minutes. For this:

1.Enter the page of "*Open Social Learning

2.There are six tabs in the navigation bar:

·*HOME*: Displays the main page that includes a map, categories, updated
reports, and contact information.

·*REPORTS*: Displays and filters reports

·*SUBMIT A REPORT*: Fill in the fields that appear empty and include the
information in the format that you consider relevant and finally, click

·*GET ALERTS*: Selection of alerts based on user interests.

·*CONTACT US*: Send ideas, questions, complaints... and any information
that you feel is important for improving the project.

·*ABOUT US*: Summarizes the objectives, rationale for the project and
participant information.

3.Enter the tab "*SUBMIT A REPORT*", complete the fields with the required
information, select the category that you see fit, and click "*SUBMIT*."

Thanking you in advance for your collaboration.

Yours faithfully,

Laura Gallardo Escalona.

Final research project in the Master "Communication and education in the
network: from the information society to the knowledge society" (UNED,
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