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Hi Stephane - perhaps not what you want to hear but you may want to simply
consider a vinyl cutter/plotter.  Not as sexy as a laser cutter but it can
cover a variety of stencil cutting needs (among other things).  Checkout
this hobby quality one - not too expensive:
Lots of YouTube demos.

Let me know what you think.

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On Mon, May 27, 2013 at 3:43 PM, Stephane Beauchamp-Kiss <
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> Good afternoon all,
> I'm wondering if there's any members out there with a background in
> chemistry who would be interested in exploring an idea/project with
> me:
> I have used laser cutting in the past to create stencils for various
> art projects. This is definitely a popular application of this
> technology (silkscreening/art/signs). However, I have found several
> disadvantages: laser cutters aren't readily available, they are
> expensive to own privately (especially in larger sizes), the cost of
> services such as ponoko.com is still high, designs need to be vector
> graphics, and there are limitations to the level of detail of the
> design.
> My idea: using standard inkjet printers/plotters to create stencils.
> The idea would be to add a chemical to the ink in an inkjet cartridge,
> such that it reacts with cellulose in the paper and dissolves it into
> a relatively safe/environmentally friendly gas. NMMO is a chemical
> that appear promising; it is used in industry for dissolving cellulose
> and has a history of use as an additive to inkjet ink to increase the
> intensity of colors on paper; in larger concentrations it may dissolve
> the paper (though it may turn it into a liquid goop). Another
> alternative is an paper pre-treatment that would react with another
> chemical added to the inket cartridge. I recognize the dangers and
> obstacles associated with this project. I have a safe, controlled area
> in my home in Westboro to work on this project.
> What I'm looking for is a partner in crime with some chemistry
> background who would be interested in meeting and exploring this idea
> with me. The long term goal is to develop/market a home DIY stenciling
> kit for inkjet printers.
> I welcome any comments on this projects, even critisism. To be honest,
> I have received a fair bit already and I am aware that there may
> simply be too many obstacles to make this one fly. Doesn't mean I
> won't try ;)
> Cheers!
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