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Tue May 14 13:52:37 EDT 2013


         I'm hoping someone with deeper Mac knowledge can help me to the
clear, simple solution to a strange problem finding files on my Mac. (it's
an older Macbook Pro, OSX 10.5 pretty sure, if that really matters here..)

     my issue is: I record almost all of my practicing, jamming, at home
with Audacity.  I re-installed Audacity and recorded three pieces before
doing any of the full setup for temporary and final storage location for
files. I have set these locations now.
  for a few weeks I was working with these three files in Audacity by
opening the .aup files from Audacity's   File>Open Recent  list.
I did some recording after this, so the three files are no longer in the
Open Recent list.
  I usually look over the archive of all recording I have done by using
Spotlight to show all .aup files on the computer. the three files I want
are not in the list in Spotlight.( I noticed this while the files still
showed up in the Audacuty>File> Open Recent list.)  I have tried both .aup,
and the "exp wed" which they were named, but nothing.
  I used the terminal commands to show all hidden files in Spotlight, but
still nothing.

    does anyone know how I can find these files?  I am not totally sure of
the full name as I may have used our band name raas (nothing comes from
searching raas either...), but am very sure the names were "exp wed" and a
#.  I know for sure they are all .aup files, and I was able to open and
make an mp3 from one three months after recording.
it is driving me nuts to know they are on the computer, somewhere, but the
computer won t see them....
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