[Lab] Local source for Raspberry Pi solar panel?

Roman Gargulak roman at cncwings.com
Tue May 14 12:39:54 EDT 2013

Hi Josh,

Again, without knowing in more detail, what your system setup goal is, 
it is hard to recommend something.
Not sure what your experience with PV is but please keep in mind that PV 
panel/cell parameters are always (or most of the time) given at standard 
conditions (irradiation usually 1000W/m2 and 20°C).

You will rarely operate at those conditions, so your output voltage will 
be lower and it will drop further with the load, that needs to be 
considered when selecting other components (powered load, batteries, 
battery charger, DC-DC converter...etc).
Let us know what your intentions are and maybe then people can recommend 
a solution.

So far we know that you want to have RPI with a web cam powered from 
batteries and recharged by PV panel.
Did you measure the load when the RPi is running with the web cam?
I assume there is also WiFi dongle to get data off of the RPi?
What is the total load (current draw) RPi + WiFi + web cam?

How long do you want this system to be running?
Are there any other limitations (weight, size, environmental)?

It would be bad if you will be spending money on something that will not 


On 5/14/2013 11:24 AM, Joshua Mark wrote:
> Here's the (comical) response.
>     Dear friend:
>     Because eBay Charge high fees ( 6.5% Closing costs ), for reduce
>     your payment,
>     So we setup high shipping costs ( part of item price in it ).
>     Better price go my website : www.xscyz.com
>     <http://www.xscyz.com> or Direct sent PayPal Invoice ( use paypal
>     payment is safe!! )
>     have a nice day !
>     - xscyz"
> Seems legit? At least he was upfront about putting the cost of the 
> product on shipping fees. The site doesn't exist right now but the 
> google cache at least shows something used to.
> Barry pointed me towards this handy thing - 
> http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=390594859798
> I'll need something for overcharge protection and that looks like it 
> could work. It also lists the model number for a lithium polymer AA 
> battery as "18650".
> I would trust the specs from Solar Pocket Factory 
> <http://solarpocketfactory.com/> more though and might just go with them.
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