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I'm not going to die if the ventilator fails but I use it on a daily  
basis non-invasively. I am disabled. I can go without it for hours but  
does start to affect my volume speaking, energy levels, etc, the  
longer I go without it.

So I'm not going to do the chest strap because that would be super  
uncomfortable and would affect my lung expansion.. and I'm not going  
to hack the ventilator either. At most, the circuit tube could be  
modified, but again not in a way that would change the volume  
pressure / air flow. That's why I don't think the reed type switch  
would work very well.

The ventilator has it's own internal battery but it is usually plugged  
into the A/C.

I'm not worried about it failing.

People have been coming up with good solutions that don't require  
messing with the ventilator..


On 15-Mar-13, at 1:56 PM, Bob wrote:

> “and it will be in a life support capacity”.
> So, just to clarify, if the ventilator fails, you die? Are you  
> serious? That may have been something to mention up front, I’m sure  
> people who were thinking of tapping into the ventilator electronics  
> may have had second thoughts…
> I assume then you have some sort of UPS attached…
> Gee, talk about scope creep 8-)
> Bob
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