[Lab] Controlling Light with Sound

Bob silicon at videotron.ca
Fri Mar 15 10:06:11 EDT 2013

I bow to other peoples experience with these types of things, however,
couldn't a simple flexible vane switch (reed type switch) in the air flow
detect which way the air is flowing and trigger an arduino to do exactly
what you want depending on the direction of flow. The pressure in the line
will change from the beginning of the breath to the end of the breath so a
pressure switch would have to take that into account. If there is any flow
in either direction the vane switch will work. No flow, and the lights could
turn red indicating "the end".

I am not familiar with the ventilator hardware, but it should be simple to
extend the hose with your own insert with the switch built in. It is not
being used in a life support function.

Good luck


Bob Howard






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