[Lab] 3D Printing: The Next Technology Gold Rush

wenshidi at yahoo.co.uk wenshidi at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Mar 12 06:12:42 EDT 2013

Dear Sirs,

I have recently self published a new ebook aimed at hackers and makers worldwide, entitled:

 Printing: The Next Technology Gold Rush - Future Factories and How to 
Capitalize on Distributed Manufacturing [Kindle Edition]


 I am self-published rather than working for one of the big players, and
 because I am trying to keep the price low, I do not have much of a 
budget for marketing.  I was therefore wondering if I could send you a 
flyer to print and post on your noticeboard?  This would be really 
helpful in reaching the book's target audience.

Is it ok to attach a copy of my flyer and send it to this address?

Thanks in advance.

Chris Winnan
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