[Lab] 3-D Printers

Dave Hunt dave at huntgang.com
Fri Jun 28 10:13:18 EDT 2013

What material are you printing PLA or ABS?

ABS typically requires a heated print bed.

PLA, works well without a heated bed.  Some great ways to make it stick is "Blue Painters Tape".  Cover the bed with the tape making sure not to overlap and re-level the print bed to compensate for the difference in height that the tape has used.  If this doesn't work try wiping the blue tape down with rubbing alcohol.  Another trick I have heard of is a coating of hair spray on the tape.

Leveling the bed properly also can make a big difference.  Too high and the material will not be squished down enough to stick to anything.  Too low and it will squish too much.  I tend to use a piece of construction paper to level.  It should just pass through between the print head and the print bed with a bit of resistance.

Hope this helps a bit.


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I now have access to one, a CubeX Duo.  My success rate so far has been
pretty low (0 for 4 attempts).  It seems that the glue to hold down the
part is not holding for very long.
I have been going through the tutorials, but haven't hit on this yet.
They indicate to do three layers.  The question is are these layers done
at the same time, give time to cure between, or other...?

Thanks for any advice.


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