[Lab] Sugru Build Night

Kirk Sutherland kirk.sutherland at gmail.com
Fri Jun 21 09:23:48 EDT 2013

Good question! Also how much Sugru is '4', are we talking like 1 cup
of material? How much we get would help with coming up with ideas :)

On 6/20/13, Michael Coyle <mirk44 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I noticed that there's only one registration spot available for each team. I
> assume this means we need to make teams before registering?
> Mike Coyle
>> Hi Modlabers,
>> Modlab has signed up to July's Instructables Build Night.
>> We are looking for people/teams who would be interested in playing around
>> with Sugru and making an instructables with the project they created.
>> sign up here if you are interested:
>> http://modlab-sugru.eventbrite.ca
>> It will be happening during on Modlab on the 3rd Wednesday in July (the
>> 17th)
>> Team names are associated to the colours of Sugru you will be playing
>> with.  I'd love to see you guys there! And I plan on making cookies for
>> those who participate!
>> Britta

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