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That's cool.

A nice application for this would be for kids who have dyslexia-type problems with learning spelling: these kids often benefit from a tactile component to learning spelling (any multi-sensory approach helps). My friends' kid would arrange magnetic letters on the fridge, trace them with his finger, first with eyes closed, then with eyes open, then have a go at writing the word on paper. Providing a kid an arrangement of 26 touchable letters (and something for accents, if they're doing french), coupled with a screen to see their output, as well as audio output to read them a word, would create a great tool for learning... It could be "game-ified" to make it more fun. The letters could be arranged keyboard-style to lead into learning typing.

From what I gather, you'd have to use 2 MaKeys running 18 letters each, to get a full alphabet, accents, etc...

thanks for forwarding that Richard,

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Here's something that opens up some ideas for inventors and kids:


Basically, a USB device that lets you break out the connections to whatever interface you can imagine to invent.

It is arduino-compatible from what I understand.

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