[Lab] New 3D Print Service in Canada looking for usability testers!

James Allanson james.d.allanson at gmail.com
Sat Jun 15 22:05:07 EDT 2013


I am representing a company that will be launching a new 3D print service
in Canada.

Currently we are seeking some usability testing.  The tests take about an
hour per person.  We would be asking the tester to perform actions on the
computer while recording both the tester and the tester's computer session.
 We would need the tester to speak their thoughts and impressions aloud
while navigating the site.  Last but not least we would need the tester to
maintain confidentiality and not disclose what they've seen until our
service launches.

We are looking for testers who meet any of the following profiles:
- Someone familiar with purchasing items online.
- Someone who is familiar with 3D modelling and commonly used formats

The tests will be conducted at the Artengine M70 lab at 2 Daly Ottawa ON,
on Saturday, June 21st.

If you are interested please contact james at futurenotions.ca.
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