[Lab] Upcoming product show & tell at the Code Factory

Nikhil Adnani adnani at gmail.com
Fri Jun 14 08:47:00 EDT 2013

Hi Folks,

David Harrison from Model Sounds Inc.  will be presenting a show and tell
at the Code Factory on Monday June 17 at 7pm.  David will talk to and
demonstrate his flagship product – the ShockWave sound system for radio
controlled models. The ShockWave, a small circuit card with a footprint
smaller than a credit card, together with 2 inch to 4 inch loudspeakers,
fits into R/C airplanes, helicopters, tanks, boats, electric bikes, trains,
wheelchairs and static museum displays. With engine sound speed
proportional to throttle stick position, gunfire sounds that flash LEDs in
gun barrels and many other features, it adds a huge level of realism to any
R/C model.

This session will be of interest to anyone interested in microcontrollers,
PCB design, contract manufacturing, DACs, power amplifiers and more.

David is CEO and Design Engineer for Model Sounds Inc. and president of the
Ottawa Electronics Club.

*Please note that the Code Factory has moved to a new location: 100
Gloucester St., Suite 300.  *

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