[Lab] Tonight is the 5th Wednesday Forum night!

Britta Evans-Fenton technical at artengine.ca
Wed Jul 31 09:12:44 EDT 2013

This is a reminder that tonight is a 5th Wednesday 3D printing Forum night!

This means from 7-10pm in Artengine's M70 Lab, you are able to join us for
a round table discussion, helping answer and getting answers to a variety
of questions for 3D printing!

This month's "Chalk Talk" will be moderated by Dave Hunt.

Here are the rules:

   - The general concept of a Mod Lab "Chalk Talk" will be to have a group
   discussion around a specific topic.
   - A moderator will be assigned for purposes of controlling the
   - The moderator will ensure the discussion stays on topic and will
   control the active speaker as required.
   - Participants may ask questions or share their ideas and thoughts at
   - Questions should be answered by the participants.
   - There are no wrong comments and it is considered a "safe" environment
   for adding ideas.
   - The objective is to share expertise and experiences with the group.

Hope to see you all there!

*Technical Coordinator *

Ottawa Mini Maker Faire
Aug. 31 & Sept. 1 2013
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