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Hi all,

That was definitely on my mind yesterday, too. I am hoping to get some time to do acrylic cuts in the near future, I am really worried about this. Also, Darcy had mentioned that the filter of the air cleaner has to be changed? It kept on overheating last night, which made me improvise open up the latch on the bottom and have a fan blow into to avoid the interior fans to keep stopping the machine. It did seem to do the trick though I think that also caused more smoke to escape (?). As well, I opened a window in the staircase and used a second fan to blow air out of the room into that direction which helped a bit. 

I know how busy things are at ArtEngine currently and I would offer some time to help move the necessary equipment over into the new room if that would help speed things up. Use me! ;)


On 2013-07-07, at 12:12 PM, Darcy Whyte <darcy at siteware.com> wrote:

> I was in the lab yesterday briefly and wow has that laser exhaust situation ever deteriorated.
> Why not move it to the room with the window? Even if the laser filter were left in the exact state at least the Window could be opened and the room would not fill with poisonous smoke.
> I think the neighbors and members would be happier too.
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