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So, I am still getting some more costs tomorrow, but I think I might go with this quick/dirty setup: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVEf7PfuKxo 

What do you guys think? This leads me to my next question, would anybody know if the lab has an item similar to this:

Cheers all,

On 2013-07-04, at 7:54 AM, Alex <alexbarbour at bell.net> wrote:

> Henri
> Angle iron is a common name applied to steel angles. some are extruded in the heavier sections and have a sharp outside corner.
> Some are bent from flat stock and have a radiused corner.
> These are better for use as formers for plastics.
> Home depot. Hardware dept.
> CTC ect.
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> Hey Alex,
> I have a very particular type of acrylic we are going to be using that I doubt comes 'bendable'. Angle iron? I haven't seen those before. Got a reference or suggestion?
> Cheers,
> Henri
> On 2013-07-03, at 8:03, Alex <alexbarbour at bell.net> wrote:
>> On the other hand they do produce an acrylic sheet that can be bent cold .
>> Have done small pieces by hand. For larger OR thicker ( say 1/8 inch + )one needs a former for the edge. Angle iron with a round egde serves well.
>> Alex B
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>> Hey guys,
>> I figured it's a good time to start asking the collective for some feedback. We are planing on bending larger sheets of acrylic (they will definitely not fit into the laser cutter) and I am looking at bending strip heaters to build a custom heating element for our purposes. Before I go ahead ordering the pieces I was wondering if anyone had ever used such a thing and/or knows of a good local source? For saving some money, I wonder if reusing a baseboard heater could do the trick :P
>> Cheers all,
>> Henri 
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