[Lab] SMT stencils?

bentfork at gmail.com bentfork at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 15:48:23 EST 2013

The best smt stencils are made out of stainless steel.  This obviously
cant be cut.

I've tried overhead transparencies before but I wasn't pleased with the quality.

Limor has a good writeup here if anyone is interested in the basic idea:


On 16 January 2013 19:35, Jean-Marc LeBlanc <jeanmarc.leblanc at gmail.com> wrote:
> I would be interested in this as well.  Can any one do it with their own
> laser cuters?
> Jean-Marc Le Blanc
> ---
> On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 5:02 PM, Alexandre Castonguay
> <acastonguay at artengine.ca> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Is the lab's laser able to cut SMT Stencils? Does anyone have experience
>> with that? Alternately, does anyone know of a shop in Montréal that can
>> do it?
>> Cheerio,
>> Alexandre

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