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I have only just (6 months) started using an Arduino Uno and don't have a pile of electronics experience, but when I looked at the Due (I am running into memory limitations on the Uno pretty quickly) and discovered that it uses 3.3v instead of 5v I wondered if that would be limiting.  Most of the peripherals I have use 5v (maybe things generally work on 3.3v as well, I don't know) so there would have to be a lot of level shifting, no?

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FYI, I have been playing with these guys which have wired Ethernet on an Arduino setup(GETs and http service trials mostly).


I got then from Robotshop (not sure they still have them). I think they were about $28. They work fine, run a very hot (wiz5100 do that it seems, so hard to put it in a box), had a different arduino firmware on then they said, and also needs a separate USB FTDI card. But seems fine. I do not have them running all the time though, so not really sure as to their stability.


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I definitely would be interested in any solution that would provide Ethernet access.

So how is the new job coming?

Bruce Harding
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On February 5, 2013 02:42:48 PM Richard Guy Briggs wrote:
> Rob Day has experience with the BeagleBone.  He's been building Linux 
> images for it...  He moved here a couple of years ago and joined 
> OCLUG.  He runs linux courses: http://crashcourse.ca/
> Only issue so far is the Teensy 3.0 doesn't have ethernet, but I'm 
> looking into ways to solve that.

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