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Kirk Sutherland kirk.sutherland at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 12:59:00 EST 2013

While I use the Duo extensively I don't have any experience with the
Due so take this for what it is worth ;)
What I have found with the Duo and the Pi is that they compliment each
other quiet well. For a recent project I wanted an internet enabled
RGB LED strip driver. The LEDs are 3 channel (R,G,B) which I wanted to
drive using PWM. The raspberry Pi only has 1 pin that can be used to
do PWM. This can be expanded through software but it isn't true PWM
and eats up CPU resources. The Arduino can handle 7 PWM channels but
connecting it to the internet requires a internet (wifi in my case)
shield which costs more than a Pi. Solution - stick em together!
Ardunio handles PWM, Pi provides interface and an unmatched
I have used 1-wire temperature sensors as well with the Pi but as with
the PWM it is a software solution that results in bit-banging, which
just feels wasteful! Again the solution was to get the Arduino to do
the bit banging and feed the results in an elegant way to the Pi
(serial, i2c etc.)
That Due does look cool! :)


On 2/5/13, Michael Grant <michael at krazatchu.ca> wrote:
> I got a Due clone via eBay, this one:
> http://www.elechouse.com/elechouse/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=72_73&products_id=2212&zenid=v2p46h9ec9785r5n01r5msvms2
> It was delivered yesterday but I haven't any specific plans until I test a
> few things.
> Namely power consumption and sleep modes for a battery powered project...
> Michael
> On Tue, Feb 5, 2013 at 12:12 PM, Bruce Harding <
> bruce.harding at faintfuzzies.ca> wrote:
>> Is anyone in the group using the Arduino Due or are you preferring to use
>> a
>> Rasberry Pi. If you had the choice and you choose one over the other what
>> was
>> your reasons?
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