[Lab] Trying to Buy Casting Sand

Stephane Beauchamp-Kiss stephane.beauchampkiss at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 11:54:39 EST 2013

Ah! I did some research a while ago for the spring and it all came
back to me. Here's some great links for you:


And this one about "fireclay", specifically the last part is
interesting: http://www.traditionaloven.com/articles/101/what-is-fire-clay-and-where-to-get-it

Note that apparently you can just take soft pottery clay from De
Serres/Wallacks, cut it in thin slabs with a big knife and let it dry
for about a few days until its bone dry then crumple it. I like making
clay sculptures from this stuff, so I've noticed that yes, bone dry
sculpting clay can be broken down into a sand that would be very
similar to what "fireclay" does.

STEP 1: Buy playsand from Homedepot (silica sand will be very hard to
find unless you try pool stores I guess...hopefully this stuff is fine
enough or you'll have to find somethign else or do some sifting):

STEP 2: Buy clay from Wallack's. I've bought this at a good price
quite a few times before (it's only Cone 04, but it may do the trick).
I was in there over the weekend and they didnt have any on the shelft
on Band St, so best to call ahead wherever you go to make sure they
have some: http://www.wallacks.com/catalogue/catalogphotogallery.php?cat=cg5&table=ceramics

STEP 3: Mix these two according to basic guidelines here:

If they don't have any suitable clay and you're having a hard time,
I've got about 10lbs or so in my garage ATM if you're in a real bind
and deadlines etc. I live in Westboro.

Hope some of this helps? Like I said, I'm glad to share/chat because I
was planning on going through all this myself in a few months. Keep us

Question for you now: Where are you getting your aluminum from? What
grade are you using? How are you melting it?

Finally, thoughts anyone on the quality of an aluminum sand cast if
you 3d print your mold and leave it in place while you pour aluminum?
It will melt the plastic (duh), but how will it fuze/affect your final
part I do wonder? Might end up with some pretty rad defects even (for
art purposes)? Someone care to donate a 3d printed sculpture in the
spring to test this out?



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