[Lab] Private Matrox Tripplehead?

Kirk Sutherland kirk.sutherland at gmail.com
Mon Dec 16 10:32:16 EST 2013

Good Morning!

I am currently in need of a Matrox Tipplehead (DVI version) for one,
or if possible, two nights in the next 3 weeks to complete pre-show
setup for some projection mapping at the end of January. I currently
have Art Engines Tripplehead booked for when I need it at the end of
January but it is in use until then - just a few days prior to be
exact. I was hoping that someone on the list might own one that I
could exchange money, beer, karma or some combination there of to
borrow it so I can have some time to do a little testing and setup.
Even borrowing it for a few hours would be of benefit!

Thanks for reading!
(Art Engine member year 2!)

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