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Fri Aug 16 01:17:52 EDT 2013

Hello Max,

I have been lurking on the maillist here. I have to ask. Z80? holy
shit, I havnt heard mention of the Z80 for over a decade. what did you
find that made you want to play with something older than x86. I once
dismantled a Basic Four mainframe that was based on a combination of
ganged 4 bit processor slices in a 16 bit configuration and z80's. I
have some ancient z80 processors and support chips if you want them. I
built a z80 microcontroller a long time ago using a dip processor,
ram, rom and some basic address decoding on a protoboard from radio
shack with point to point wiring. its ugly and beautiful and it
Apologies if you dont go by Max.


On 8/15/13, dave <dave at huntgang.com> wrote:
> It sounds like you will absolutely fit in, so don't worry about that!
> The evenings are very informal, they mostly consist of people forming small
> groups around the room discussing various topics ranging from electronics to
> 3D printing to art projects.
> Some individuals bring their projects to work on, although I personally find
> I need a bit more focus to work.  That said, I do bring in the occasional
> project as show and tell or to ask for help if I am stuck on it.
> I can almost guarantee a bunch of interest if you bring in your computer!
> As for tools,  there is an oscilloscope, soldering station and a bunch of
> hand tools. We also have a laser cutter and a couple of 3D printers for
> member use.
> Certainly stop by when you are free. Possibly next week.
> Dave
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> From: Aurelius R <maxrowsell at gmail.com>
> Date: 08-14-2013  3:29 PM  (GMT-05:00)
> To: lab at artengine.ca
> Subject: [Lab] Hello all!
> I'm not sure if this is the right forum in which to introduce myself; if
> it's not, I'm sure I'll be corrected! :)
> I've only just stumbled onto our local 'hacker space' so to speak; I've been
> into electronics and computer hardware for a long time, but only recently
> when someone mentioned online that I should go looking for my local hacker
> space did I think to do a Google search -- and you guys turned up!
> I'm planning on coming to the lab on one of these Wednesdays, but I'm hoping
> someone can give me a better overview of what you guys do as the website
> seemed a bit non-specific. For example, I'm currently
> breadboarding/prototyping my own Z80 single-board computer -- is that
> something I could bring and work on and possibly collaborate/get help with?
> I have a lot of my own tools -- oscilloscope, bench power supply/bench
> multimeter, plus tons of other crap, is that something that I should bring
> weekly? I've got a good carrying case for my scope so that wouldn't be an
> issue.
> I'm 25, and planning on going to college for electrical engineering soon --
> am I going to fit in with the crowd well?
> Thanks for any and all insights/comments -- looking forward to finding out
> more/participating!
> ____________________
> Peace, Love, Empathy
> Alexander Max Rowsell

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