[Lab] MS Kinect question

j ross waterfallclose at gmail.com
Wed Aug 14 12:42:03 EDT 2013

Hi all - I'm considering getting a MS kinect, but wanted to get some
opinions and advice first:
- difference between MS kinect for windows and xbox (eg.
performance/features, OpenNI compatibility)?  (They appear identical but
xbox ~$110, windows ~$270 - SDK seems free so I don't understand the
difference except maybe commercial use markup)
- where to buy MS kinect for windows in Canada? (I only see amazon as a
supplier 3-5weeks lead)
- if xbox (eg. from best buy), what else do I need to connect to a PC?  Do
I need to hack the connectors? Does the connector adapter come with it?
- comments on Xtion Live, Carmine sensors?

I have googled these topics but there don't seem to be clear answers.  My
main interest is for scanning people, large objects and rooms as well as
future work for gesture input.  I'm currently working with David Scanner
for small to medium static objects with structured light - takes too long
for people/rooms though and not suitable for gestures.

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