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Ryan Stec ryanstec at gmail.com
Fri Aug 9 14:32:33 EDT 2013

Hi Leslie,

Am out of the office this afternoon but you can give me a ring to discuss

The main issue with the space is that you can't move the laser or the
ventilation attachment. This has been a few weeks of work with volunteer
engineers to get working and our members are really happy to have a
functioning laser area again. You can consult with Britta to see if you can
work around this for the times you are looking at, but it doesn't seem that
easy for you.

Feel free to give me a ring to discuss this, but Britta is also on site if
you need to speak to her.


On Friday, August 9, 2013, Lesley Woman wrote:

> Hey Ryan, I know Britta is talking to you about the use of the M76 room
> for Arboretum.
> I just wanted to drop you a line to make sure we can talk about this today
> if you have time. I was still under the impression that SAW Video was still
> partnered in using the space and I apologize for my assumption. At this
> point I wanted to use the space to project through the window into the back
> Waller park for the Mainstage VJ projections Friday Aug 16 and Saturday Aug
> 17 with a test on Tuesday Aug 13 (I had wanted to do a pre-pre test to make
> sure this weekend but in respect to not monopolizing the space I can
> totally minimize useage). This space in theory would be ideal for the
> festival as it would be under lock and key and is indoors to protect the
> large projector.
> I do already have permission to use the projector and am working with
> Keltie Duncan as a representative of one of the three organizations (I am
> also trained on using the projector from working with it last year). So
> that end of it is taken care of.
> Alternatively, although we have a sponsorship for the use of the
> projector, I would be willing to pay for the use/booking of the room if
> that would help. If you could give me a cost to rent the space I can talk
> to Rolf and Stef and maybe Community Arts because they are also sponsoring
> the festival.
> Anywho, this is my number one priority right now. Call or e-mail me
> anytime.
> 613.266.5378
> --
> LES <http://lesmcrad.tumblr.com/>

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