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marta orlowska lemoutonrose at gmail.com
Wed Apr 24 20:31:30 EDT 2013


i am an artist from southern ontartio who has recently relocated to the
ottawa area. I have embarked on an awesome buisness/art venture and am
needing to make some originals and molds.

i have lots of experience with traditional mold-making, as i worked in a
prothetics studio in toronto for some years, but i have become very
interested in the possibilities of 3d printing, primarily in polycarbonate.

 i am curious as to what is availabe locally (materials, printers), looking
to make connections with someone who can do the digital files/models...and
gaining some general insight into the process and possibilities.

the current project i am looking to work on is printing molds for

if you feel you have some insight  and have a bit of time to offer, please
let me know! i would be very grateful for some knowledge, and hopefully
would be able to create some paid work for someone down the road.


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