[Lab] Looking for Ninja Coders

Abdul Haseeb Awan ahaseeb at chiptag.ca
Sat Apr 20 21:48:53 EDT 2013

Hello Everyone,

 I have been to one of Art Engine Meetup and was amazed by exciting project
so just reaching out to every one. This is Abdul Haseeb, Founder of
ChipTag. ChipTag is empowering drivers to automatically pay for Parking.
Our Website www.chiptag.ca contains brief info on how do we do that. I have
been working on it for last 18 months to get the traction, business model
right, find customers and develop the right product using lean methodology.

Now since I have went that far, I am looking for some awesome guys to join
the team as partners. Let me know if you are interested in becoming part of
a promising start-up. If you are willing to commit for next one year full
time, get in touch with me.  Currently, we are looking for a ninja coder to
join us but if want to contribute in any other way, feel free to contact me

Looking forward to hear back

*Abdul Haseeb Awan** *
Global ChipTag Technologies Inc.
http://www.chiptag.ca <http://www.ahaseeb.com/>
[image: Twitter] <https://twitter.com/twitter> [image:
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