[Lab] Reminder: Artengine Invitation to Annual General Meeting 2012

Moonsun Choi operations at artengine.ca
Fri Sep 28 11:10:58 EDT 2012

Dear Artengine Members,

Artengine will hold its Annual General Meeting 2012 on October 4th, 
Thursday, 6pm at Artengine's M70Lab.


**1. Introduction of Board and Staff

2. Voting & Approval of Agenda ±

3. Voting & Approval of Minutes from the 2011 AGM  ±

4. Report from the Chair

5. Report on Financial Statement

6. Appointment of Auditor for 2012-13

7. Report from Artistic Director

8. Report from Operations Manager

9. Report from Technical Coordinator

10. Presentation of Electric Fields 2012

11. Announcement of Board of Directors

                           12. Adjournment

- You can purchase Artengine annual membership at a reduced price at 
this AGM!
(Producing Membership at 50% reduced, and the rest of Membership at 25% 
discounted price. Reduced price list will be place at M70 for your 

- In addition, EF 2012 presentation will also be full of surprise and 
fun as we will introduce further details on 2012 programs while serving 
fresh snacks and beverages.

- At the AGM, you can also sign up for EF 2012 volunteer, which will 
provide an extra discount for your membership fee once done.

- ± You must be a current member of Artengine in order to have voting 

Hope to see you all there!
Best regards

Rupert Allen
Board of Directors

2 Daly Ave.
Ottawa, ON, K1N 6E2
operations at artengine.ca

Electric Fields & Maker Faire 2012: Oct 10-14, 2012!
http://artengine.ca/programming/2012/electricfields-en.php  <cid:part2.03030402.05020301 at artengine.ca>

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