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Thu Sep 20 18:10:15 EDT 2012

Greetings Paul,

I think I have a foot or two of this kicking around.  If you want some for
testing out I'd be happy to give you some of my leftovers..

The price you found is pretty standard.  Sunstone makes the best spot
welders I've ever seen, I'd love to get one.


On 18 September 2012 19:10, siggen <siggen at cattail.ca> wrote:

> Hi
> I've made a micro spot welder from a rewired microwave-oven transformer,
> with an Arduino to phase-control its primary. The results look good on an
> oscilloscope. My welder melts metal more or less controllably.
> However, to do something remotely useful I need materials.
> Is there a Canadian source of soft nickel strip for building battery
> packs? There is this .25" x .005" x 25' roll at http://www.**
> sunstonespotwelders.com/spot-**welding-accessories-nickel-**strips.php<http://www.sunstonespotwelders.com/spot-welding-accessories-nickel-strips.php>.
> The same source has RWMA II welding electrodes. But shipping this from the
> U.S. doubles its price, then involves customs.
> - Paul Hays
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