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Mahdi Yusuf yusuf.mahdi at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 09:46:14 EDT 2012


I was wondering if anyone at the ModLab has played around with home
automation. I have been playing around with this sort of thing for a long
time, its really interesting now that things like the raspberry pi board
are available at such a small size.

I was wondering if anyone knows of wifi switches and sensors that could be
deployed around the house to control things like lights and lamps on the
cheap that doesn't require a lot of installation and relativity cheap. I am
hoping to build something small like a prototype and see where it goes from

I would like to use the raspberry pi as the controller and have sensors
connect to it over the wifi and potentially have something like an iPhone
do the connecting. I have built servers like this before, I just looking
for some information on hardware and what is possible.

Mahdi Yusuf
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