[Lab] 3D Printing Service Available @ Reduced Rate for Artengine Members

Stephen Burke steve at envirolaser.com
Wed Sep 5 16:12:26 EDT 2012

BlankGood afternoon!

The company owner mentioned to me today that he would extend the same rate
to Artengine members as we do for educational institutions.  So if anyone
needs exceptionally detailed, accurate and smooth surfaced 3D printing done,
our ProJet HD 3000 is available for "non-rush" work @ only $17.50/hr plus
material costs.  This is half the standard rate.

The ProJet HD 3000 uses acrylic plastic as the build material and wax as the
support, so the support structures simply melt away during the finishing

Models with moving parts and otherwise impossible geometries can be built
with the ProJet HD 3000.

The layer thickness is 32 to 40 microns and the accuracy is between 0.001
and 0.002 of an inch.

Simply contact me if you need anything built.

Stephen Burke

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