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Dave Hunt dave at huntgang.com
Wed Sep 5 14:56:21 EDT 2012

Hey Toby,

I am a relatively new member myself but think I can answer this one ;-)  The Mod Lab is a free meeting to attend and is intended as a time to work on your projects and get assistance / advice from others.  There is a great mix of people that show up some working on their projects while others just come to chat and see what others are up to.  I myself am somewhere in the middle, as I find it hard to concentrate, but a great place to share my projects/ideas and get constructive feedback.

As for the 3D Printing, Mod Lab is the perfect place!  There are typically a few individuals who are into that specific subject and sometimes bring in their machines and or work.  They would be great resources to sound some of your questions off of as I'm guessing they've run into challenges along the way.

Personally, I also joined as a contributing member and paid my dues to support the group and allow access to the laser, but this is not required to come out and participate in Mod Lab.

Certainly hope to see you out sometime, if not tonight...


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Hey guys,

I've been subscribed to the mailing list for a while and it seems like an incredibly neat group, but I've never interacted in any capacity. Do the ModLab gathering's or workshops require a membership? Or is that just to use the equipment in the lab? I have a couple people who are interested in doing a concurrent 3D printer build next summer of a couple different models, so I was kind of scoping out the group for that in particular.

Although this question may be answered by previous ones, I studied computer science in school but have started a more hardware based project that I'd love some help/guidance with. I guess what I'm wondering if the membership is to meet and talk, or to use the equipment. Just your standard broke student, so always looking to cut expenses.

Thanks a lot,
    - Toby Murray

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