[Lab] TUTOMICS: An Open Source project looking for community support

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TUTOMICS: An Open Source project looking for community support

Tutorials + Comics + Open Culture join forces at 
Tutomics is an initiative to develop a set of comic book tutorials that allow people of all ages, cultures and genders to enter into the world of electronics, open hardware and DIY manufacturing in a fun and flexible way.

It is encouraged by Reflexiona.biz and inspired by the previous work of Mitch Altman and Andie Nordgren (mightyohm.com/soldercomic).

We are currently running a crowd-funding campaign through Goteo.org, a social network for co-financing and collaborating with open source initiatives.

We have one week left to complete the first round and we have already exceeded the 50% of the minimum budget needed to continue campaigning in search of our final target. So it is essential that we seek out more contributions (from 5 euros) and expand the potential co-operation in the project through social networks. All kinds of help are important and welcome at this point in time.
Think it through! Tutomics is much more than just tutorials and comics. It is an opportunity to continue demonstrating the enormous potential of open source as a tool in building a better world.  A commitment to popularize the world of open culture amongst all citizens and demonstrate our ability in constructing projects that benefit us all. Don’t you think that supporting these ideas is really worthwhile ?
Please, do not miss out on this opportunity and support this project at goteo.org/project/tutomics

We hope all of you will participate in making this idea a reality!

All the best,
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