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Hope you can make it to these events in the next few days.

Donna Legault
Court Room, Arts Court, 2 Daly Avenue
Installation continues until October 14th, during opening hours
Silent spaces are teeming with sounds on the fringe of hearing. Even where silence is thought to be possible, surfaces resonate with sounds from the architecture and the city beyond. Every person is a participant in the making of silence.

Veronique Guitard and Donna Legault 
5:30-7:30pm Saturday, October 13 at All Saints Anglican Church, 317 Chapel St. (Sandy Hill)
In the performance Symbiose, the architecture of the space will come to life with its own live sounds and performed images. Vibrations captured from within the space and from the city surroundings are made audible and mixed live into an ambient soundscape. These sounds are joined by multiple projections echoing through the space in a durational performance that marks the passage of time.

Check out this link for more Electric Fields events 
Electric Fields 2012

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