[Lab] Mini Maker Fair Kids Table

Britta Evans-Fenton technical at artengine.ca
Fri Oct 5 22:58:16 EDT 2012

This sounds great guys.  So just to confirm, Kirk, you would like to help
out with this table?  I want to make sure that Mark isn't by himself most
of the time.

Also count on at least 100 kids a day I would think.  I expect there to be
at least 500-600 people the 2 days.  So I'm thinking 200 kids would make
sense in that count.


On Fri, Oct 5, 2012 at 1:59 PM, Michael Lechasseur <mlecha at artengine.ca>wrote:

> On behalf of my kids, totally AWESOME!!
> I'm at a Drupal Camp in Montréal on Saturday. But will be there with kids
> in tow Sunday.
> Would be willing to chip in a few bucks for supplies.
> Michael
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