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When is the mini maker fair or where can I find more info? I have been so
busy lately I have not had a chance to follow the mailing list

Jean-Marc Le Blanc

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On Fri, Oct 5, 2012 at 10:07 AM, Mark Stephenson <
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> Fellow makers, as some of you may know I'm going to operate a table at the
> Ottawa Mini Maker Fair on behalf of the Lab as a station for kids. I'll
> have the laser cutter onsite and I'll cut out kids names in the form of
> large necklaces (hollywood rapper style) that they can wear around their
> neck.
> I'll also have some Mini Maker Certificates that can be handed out. The
> hope is that the kids can get their name necklace and then circulate around
> to a few stations and get something added onto their necklace/name . Simple
> things like a 3d printed bead, piece of yarn, piece of wire etc.. and then
> come back to my station and get their certificate. We haven't nailed down
> the add onto the badge thing so please chime in and let me know if you
> would like to participate as part of what your already doing at the fair.
> Britta tells me I've got a prime spot and a large table so I have room for
> additional people who would like to volunteer and help me out with this
> project. Also probably enough space should someone also have something that
> could fit well with the theme. Darcy if you wanted to bring some of your
> planes that would be super cool.
> I also need some help Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon transporting
> gear including the laser. I'll have my station wagon which I hope can take
> the weight of the laser but I'll need help moving it and associated gear
> back and forth.
> I'm also putting out a call for cardboard, we may have a good supply
> option but I'd like to have a backup plan. If you've got some used boxes
> that would be good for cutting please drop them off to the lab.
> I'm looking forward to the Fair, just a week away!
> Cheers,
> Mark
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