[Lab] seeking 4:3 standard-definition flat-screen

Heather Anderson Heather_Anderson5 at carleton.ca
Wed Nov 28 10:00:43 EST 2012

Carleton University Art Gallery is seeking a 4:3 standard-definition flat-screen TV for the presentation of artists' video works produced prior to the current HD 16:9 widescreen format (4:3 is the aspect ratio that is more 'square'.) If anyone has one (or two) of the se flat-screen TVs that still works, CUAG would be grateful for the donation, as 4:3 standard-definition flat-screen TVs are no longer on the market.

We're also looking for a 20" or 24" CRT TV with RCA input that is in decent working order, also for the presentation of video works.

Artists' video works of a certain vintage (up to the early 2000s) are not the appropriate format for wide-screen presentation so the old TV in your basement could really be helpful to CUAG.

Please contact heather_anderson5 at carleton.ca<mailto:heather_anderson5 at carleton.ca> or call 613 520 2600 ext 1355. Thank you!

Heather Anderson
Curator, Carleton University Art Gallery
St. Patrick's Building
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, ON K15 5B6

613.520.2600 ext. 1355
Heather_Anderson5 at carleton.ca<mailto:Heather_Anderson5 at carleton.ca>

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