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Franck Binard franckbinard at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 10:06:55 EST 2012


As part of my current project, I'd like to build a small plastic fastener
to fit the parallax continous rotation servo (see dimensions here:

I've never 3d printed anything before. The fastener system includes  small
cylinders meant to go through the 4 small holes to both ends of the servo
(diameter 4.5mm).

Question: how big should the cylinder be in order to fit snug (a bit like
lego prongs). My current design has them at exactly 4.5mm, but I'm thinking
that there might need to be a couple of fractions of mm of buffer,
otherwise the prong might be too big and not fit through the whole.

I was thinking of getting the fastener printed by ponoko out of their
"durable plastic material" which they specify has a Minimum Detail Size of
0.6mm (
). I might also try to do it using the printer in the modlab, but i'm not
sure how that works (do I have to get permission, what times should I come
and do it at, things like that)

Any advice, most welcome, thanks
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