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Jamie jamie at steppinofftheedge.com
Sun Nov 25 15:03:20 EST 2012

Hello Modlabbers!

I came out to my first Art Engine event last week, the 3D Printing intro,
and quite enjoyed the vibe and knowledge shared. I'm hoping to make it out
to one of the next open Modlab nights but figured a quick hello
introduction email might start some wheels and conversations turning.

   - The "art" side of my brain was awoken a decade ago when I first went
   to Burning Man. I've built some large installations (25' geodesic cat
   13' mushroom <http://www.flickr.com/photos/damaradeaella/1342792665/>)
   for it in years past and enjoyed watching friends in the Toronto Burner
   community apply their energies to fire projects (like Super Street
   involved with the Site3 hacker space.

   - On a close-to-monthly basis I put out a podcast via
   steppinofftheedge.com that are centered around conversations with those
   who have a spirit of novelty and are demonstrating through action their
   desire to make a better environment for all. Some past
guests<http://steppinofftheedge.com/guest-archive/>have included 3D
   House Printer Behrokh
the University of Southern California and Open
   Source Ecology member Leifur
   Next episode should be out in a day or two with Andy Bichlbaum of The
   Yes Men Fix The

   - Have a few ideas of projects that I'd like to start or assist with the
   creation of through the ModLab. The one that I've been best able to
   articulate is a Kinect + Projector project to replicate the $10K music
   making functionality of a Reactable with a $150 budget. Pretty pictures and
   a bit more detail here -
   http://steppinofftheedge.com/blog/intersection-of-awesomeness/. I also
   picked up a large street lamp light casing at auction few months back that
   could have much potential for LED lights + interactive control. Would love
   to chat with any modlabbers who have experience in either of those realms
   at an upcoming lab.

Looking forward to meeting more of you in the new year if not before.



Interview local maker to discuss movement in general, artengine and related
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