[Lab] Home automation tips

Matthew Bells matt at mbells.ca
Thu Nov 22 21:00:07 EST 2012

Hi everyone,


I've come out to the modlab once, but haven't had much time since I moved
here a year ago. At any rate, onto my main question:


I'm thinking of setting up some simple hoe automation. Basic lights etc at
the moment. I was wondering if anyone had good tips. X-10 seems pretty old
and limited. Zigbee is great, but there aren't off-the-shelf products for
it. I essentially want something that is easy to setup (like an hour from
opening the box to having 4 nodes fully working on a simple timed schedule),
but can later have control easily added from Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or other
devices - I already have an Arduino setup with XBee, but don't have the high
voltage links needed. After a bunch of research online, it doesn't really
seem like there is any standard that is well supported and somewhat
affordable. Does anyone have good tips of which technology to go with and
where to source it? (Preferably Canada so I can get it within a week).




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