[Lab] Laser cutter advice?

Trevyn Watson trevyn at dybydx.ca
Sat Nov 17 02:05:32 EST 2012

On 16/11/2012 22|17, Matthew Bells wrote:
> For cardboard and acrylic, a 30-60W should do fine, though you may need
> 60W to cut acrylic 3mm thick rather than just engrave it (others more
> expert can comment on this). Other things you’ll want to ensure is that
> you have power for it; you will probably need in excess of 50amps and
> 220V, depending on the model. If you are cutting anything other than
> cardboard, you may want to install external ventilation as well.

At think|haus we can cut 3mm acrylic very nicely at 1/3rd of full power 
on our 40W laser and we've done 4.5 and 6mm too. I highly recommend air 
assist - we don't have it and wish we did. It should reduce scorching 
and flaming on wood and cardboard and probably improves cuts on all 

Our laser, coolant pump, ventilation, and computer all share a single 
regular 15A 120V circuit, but that will obviously depend on your equipment.


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