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Richard Wiens richard.wiens at rogers.com
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NFC (and the majority of RFID tags in general...NFC is just a subset RFID for close-proximity communication) tags simply contain an ID number that is unique and cannot be changed, and are part of a 'closed loop' system wherein the tag ID is used to look up something (like "does this guy have permission to enter this door?") in a database and then perform some action (like unlocking the door).
Really cool physical computing space...you will have lots of fun.

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Just discovered physical NFC tags, which you could use with an NFC enabled phone to have it do/not do stuff. (Turn Wifi on when you get home without running Wifi all day draining your battery, go into Airplane mode when bed side so that it doesn't radiate your head all night long etc..)

Let me know if you have any spare tags to sell, or I'll order a few in the next couple of days.

eg: http://kimtag.com/k/cat/1/nfc_stickers

Fun stuff.

Oh, they have NFC wristbands. Surely the Bluesfest ones must be encrypted somehow and not be easily cloned? Hmm..



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