[Lab] Java Problem...SOLVED

Normand normand at artengine.ca
Thu Nov 8 09:56:59 EST 2012

I finally decided to do a total clean-up of all previous installation of
the software (LPCXpresso) from my windows machine and re-installed it.  It
now works but I have no idea as to the cause of the problem.

> Hi,
> just as a follow-up I did try the different approaches suggested,
> including re-installing an older version of the software, without being
> able to access the programmer.  Looks like there is one monster Java
> Virtual Machine Bind going on.
> I'll see if I get ideas on some other forums but so far no success.
> Thanks to all for your help.
> Normand
>> As I was experimenting with some simple code on an LCPXpresso
>> Development
>> Board, all was going well until I got the following message:
>> "Connecting to target: StubMsgServer:Address already in use:JVM_Bind"
>> There are a number of post on the Internet saying that this is cause by
>> the "port"/"server" still being in use by a previous session.
>> What I did:
>> Unplug the LCPXpresso Board and retry:
>> No Change.
>> Close the LPCXpresso software and re-start.
>> No change.
>> Reboot Windows 7:
>> No change.
>> I'm lost as what to do next. It was working before and no changes were
>> made (knowingly) to the Windows environment.
>> I would appreciate some pointers on what should be my next steps.
>> Thanks
>> Normand
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