[Lab] We need your help to create grants for Maker & Hackerspaces across Canada

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Wed May 30 10:59:36 EDT 2012


   Sorry for the lack of a good introduction, but we wanted to see if
   you'd like to be involved with an awesome project that started this

   One of our directors, Michael Legary has been selected as the Manitoba
   Finalist in the BDC Young Entrepreneur Competition, as a finalist,
   Michael has proposed an innovation project which the Canadian public
   gets to vote for. Michael and his company Seccuris are proposing to
   award twenty-two grants for maker and hackerspaces which have or add a
   mandate around business development in their community. "Their
   commitment to continue innovating in their own ways, while posing the
   question about how they can help their members, volunteers and
   community develop new business ideas is one small step in changing the
   way we look at innovation and entrepreneurship in Canada." says

   What could this mean to your space? Up to $3500.00 cash to improve your
   space in anyway you see fit!

   If you would like to help me promote the project and politely bug
   people to vote for the gruelling twenty day period it would be greatly

   Voting will be via Facebook and/or a campaign website. The person who
   can get the most voters to come back daily will most likely be the

   Involvement would entail retweeting, liking and clicking vote buttons
   online once a day, as well as sharing the information and blog posts I
   will be doing daily with as many people as you feel are appropriate.
   If you have a whack of friends or contacts in other provinces that
   would also be especially helpful.

   Check out the video proposal from Michael and learn more about the
   contest here: http://assentworks.us2.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=7328917d26eae2edd113d051d&id=fc7155a390&e=213130a64a

   The contest runs from May 30th until June 19th and voters can submit

What can I do to help?

    1. Vote for Michael's Innovation Project

    2. Follow us on Twitter!
       @AssentWorks / @MLegary / @Seccuris

    3. Like us on Facebook!
       AssentWorks / Michael Legary / Seccuris

    4. Check out our LinkedIn accounts!
       AssentWorks / Michael Legary / Seccuris

Thanks for your time!

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