[Lab] Hacker & Creativity Survey - Thanks for helping

Maria Halbinger mha.ino at cbs.dk
Thu Jun 14 06:12:59 EDT 2012

Recently, I sent you a message asking for your help with my research project on hacking and creativity.     I'd like to thank all of you at Artengine Mod Lab who filled out the survey and hope my thanks get distributed throughout the community. Please feel free to forward this message.
For those who still want to complete it, the survey is located here: http://bit.ly/surv_el
Just in case someone missed the information: I am a hackerspace member and researcher from Denmark and I do research on creativity, hacking and entrepreneurial activities. The survey includes a small challenge and has been jointly developed with hackers from different countries.
Thank you for participating in this study and (again) for distributing the information!
I really appreciate your help!
Best Regards,

Maria Halbinger
PhD Fellow
Copenhagen Business School
My Website: http://bit.ly/J7Vnev
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