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July 12th, 2012 - Tapping Canada's Tech Community with Minister Tony Clement

   Canada’s leading edge entrepreneurs are key to the country’s future
   prosperity. Minister Tony Clement, Treasury Board President and
   arguably the country’s most tech-savvy MP, wants to tap into that
   resource to revolutionize government and boost homegrown Canadian
   business in the process.

   On the morning of July 12th, AssentWorks will be hosting an open dialog
   between the Minister, Manitoban entrepreneurs and businesses at the Red
   River College Roblin Center in downtown Winnipeg. The discussion will
   also include brief announcements from AssentWorks regarding our 2013
   development activities and the introduction of an exciting new
   entrepreneurial initiative, StartUp Weekend Winnipeg!

   [2]Register for the event here
       2. http://assentworks.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=7328917d26eae2edd113d051d&id=bd1596518c&e=213130a64a

Event Details:

   11:00am - 12:00pm
   Location: Red River College, Roblin Centre: 160 Princess St. Winnipeg
   Coordinators: Andrea Legary / Sean Sylvestre


   Opening Comments - Introduction of the Minister
   5 min (11:05am - 11:10am approx)
   Michael Legary, Chairman

   Tapping Canada's Tech Community with Minister Tony Clement
   15 Min- (11:10am - 11:25am approx)
   Minister Tony Clement
   As part of his Open Government initiative, Minister Clement is combing
   the country for innovative ideas that use technology to unlock
   efficiencies and translate unique government data into valuable
   applications. The possibilities are limitless: from crowdsourcing
   government procurement and transforming back office processes, to
   innovative apps. Got an idea? Minister Tony Clement wants to hear it.

   AssentWorks - A year of success for Manitoban entrepreneurs
   5 min (11:25am - 11:30am approx)
   Kerry Stevenson, Director

   It has been just over a year since the AssentWorks Beta experiment
   started. Kerry Stevenson will discuss the outcomes from the last year
   and announce the next exciting phase of activity at AssentWorks.
   AssentWorks is a non-profit prototyping facility and makerspace founded
   to provide Manitoba a competitive business capability, increasing
   innovation across the province along with our industry partners.

   Community-Driven Technology Entrepreneurship in Manitoba
   5 min (11:35am - 11:40am approx)
   Brad Kendall, Co-Founder

   StartUp Weekend Winnipeg and Ramp Up Manitoba

   Brad will discuss the concept of community driven technology
   acceleration, which bring together technical and non-technical
   entrepreneurs to launch great businesses. Ideas need developers,
   designers, and entrepreneurs to make them happen, and events like
   Startup Weekend Winnipeg (Aug 10-12) and the newly minted Ramp Up
   Manitoba group serve as a vehicle to bring these talents together.

   Startup Weekend Winnipeg is a 54-hour event where ideas are taken from
   inspirations to business model and prototype. Participants receive
   mentorship, and pitch their business at the end of the event. Ramp Up
   Manitoba is a community driven technology accelerator facilitating the
   collision between developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to build
   great startups in Manitoba. Meet-ups are a place to share, pitch, and
   demo ideas. Great ideas attract the talent they need from the community
   to build a prototype, business plan, and launch.

   Q&A With the Minister
   10 min (11:40am - 11:50am approx)

   Closing Comments
   5min (11:50am - 11:55am approx)
   Michael Legary, Chairman


Minister Tony Clement

   Tony Clement is the President of the Treasury Board of Canada. He has
   also been the Member of Parliament for Parry Sound-Muskoka since 2006.
   Mr. Clement has also served on the front benches as both Minister of
   Health and Minister of Industry, playing a lead role in getting
   Canada’s economy back on track after the most significant global
   economic recession since the 1930s.

   As President of the Treasury Board he has been tasked with leading the
   development and execution of a government wide savings initiative –
   looking at transformational ways to support and deliver services to tax
   payers in the most effective and efficient means possible. This follows
   through on the Government’s commitment to Canadians to eliminate the
   deficit and continue to strengthen the economy.

   Within the federal government, he has chaired five different Committees
   of Cabinet and continues to provide valuable counsel to the Prime

   Mr. Clement’s dedication to public service spans three decades. During
   his eight years as an Ontario MPP he held prominent Cabinet positions
   in the Harris government.

   In the private sector, Mr. Clement has been a lawyer, a business board
   member and a small business owner and entrepreneur. He’s had to meet
   payroll, balance the books and hit his business targets!

Kerry Stevenson, Director

   Kerry Stevenson's fascination with technology and futurism formed at a
   young age, when he read copious amounts of science fiction literature,
   and this attraction continues through today as he follows futuristic
   developments in a wide variety of areas.

   A key focus for Kerry is the impossible idea of replicating physical
   objects. While this incredible notion has been a science fiction staple
   for decades, it is gradually becoming a reality and could actually show
   up in your home very soon. Kerry began writing about 3D printing by
   creating the Fabbaloo blog in 2007, which follows the astonishing
   developments and future implications of replicator technology in both
   commercial and hobbyist markets. Kerry's interest in 3D printing led to
   a meeting with Mike Legary and David Bernhardt from which AssentWorks
   was born.

   The holder of a Master's Degree in Computer Science, Kerry has worked
   in a variety of technical and managerial positions through his career,
   including installing and repairing massive mainframe computers,
   managing software at an airline reservation service and directing
   technology strategies as Chief Technology Officer at a major
   multinational financial services company for over 17 years. Today's
   he's an entrepreneur working on a variety of startup projects,
   including AssentWorks.

   And he still reads far too much Science Fiction.

Brad Kendall, Chairman
Startup Weekend Winnipeg

   Brad is a serial technology entrepreneur from Winnipeg, Manitoba with
   an obsession for entrepreneurship. He is the involved in multiple
   projects and companies including Epicenter, Projectorfy and CCR
   Technology Group. In addition, Brad writes about his experience running
   a small IT firm on his blog [3]bradkendall.ca.
       3. http://assentworks.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=7328917d26eae2edd113d051d&id=fb2a38d4d2&e=213130a64a

   Brad loves creative ideas, helping people start and expand their
   businesses and is fueled by technology and community. Currently, Brad
   is busy helping other IT providers through his blog, developing cutting
   edge software applications and designing robust networks for hotels and
   bars that focus on scalability, ease of use and reliability.

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