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Sadly, missed modlab this week, had to rescue my niece from her overheating apartment.

Vinko, thanks for posting the link to diybookscanner.org. I've got some old books to scan, so the info was great.

The Hackerspace scanner design has some excellent features, however it is also heavy, uses lots of material, and isn't easily built without a large CNC router. If you still want to pursue it there is a fellow from Montreal on the diybookscanner forum who had a shop cut the pieces for him - sorry, can't find the thread now. You could also ask at http://ottawawoodworkers.ca/, the Ottawa Woodworker's Association site.

I'm working on a modified design using 1" thick lumber. Will post if it works out.

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Hello all,
For the past few weeks I?ve been looking into building a book scanner and I found a wonderful community at diybookscanner.org. They?ve built many different book scanners that work wonderfully and the founder/creator of the community, Daniel Reetz, has designed an Open Hardware book scanner whose parts can be cut out from a single sheet of plywood on a CNC machine. I?m very interested in building this scanner but unfortunately I don?t have access to a CNC machine. So, I?m hoping that someone can point me in the right direction to someone else that does have a CNC machine for plywood in the Ottawa West area (Kanata, Nepean). One of Daniel?s goals is to have one of these book scanners in every hackerspace. I believe this would be a great project to do and awesome to have at the ModLab for anyone to use. If anyone is interested in this, please let me know.
Take care,
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